Statistical And Data Handling Skills in Biology, 4th Edition

Statistical And Data Handling Skills in Biology, 4th Edition





Statistical And Data Handling Skills in Biology, 4th Edition

by Roland Ennos

  • Length: 283 pages
  • Edition: 4
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Publication Date: 2018-03-28
  • ISBN-10: 1292086033
  • ISBN-13: 9781292086033
  • Sales Rank: #2587475 (See Top 100 Books)

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Is there a link between people’s heart rate and blood pressure?

Does the lead in petrol fumes affect the growth of roadside plants?

The ability to expertly analyse statistical data is a crucial skill in the biological sciences – it is fundamental to fully understanding what your experiments are actually telling you and so being able to answer your research questions.

Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology gives you everything you need to understand and use statistical tests within your studies and future independent research.

Written in a straight-forward and easy to understand style it presents all of the tests you will need throughout your studies, and shows you how to select the right tests to get the most out of your experiments.  All of this is done in the context of biological examples so you can see just how relevant a skill this is, and how becoming fully proficient will make you a more rounded scientist.

This 4th edition has been thoroughly updated throughout and now includes detailed coverage of the free statistical package R studio and a new chapter on how to write about and present statistics in papers, theses and reports.  The first chapter has also been revised to introduce students to the need for and ideas behind statistical analysis.


  • Clear explanation with step by step detail of how to carry out a wide range of statistical analyses will help you to quickly gain understanding and confidence in this essential area.
  • Useful decision charts will help you to select the right statistical test and gain confidence in answering your research questions.
  • Real world examples in each chapter will help you to develop an applied understanding of the full range of statistical techniques
  • Self-assessment problems scenarios at the end of each chapter enable you to practice applying your understanding of a technique, thereby improving your confidence in using numbers.  Guided answers allow you to check your understanding.

Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology 4th edition is idealfor any biomedic or environmental scientist getting to grips with statistical analysis for use in class on as part of independent study.


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